Adventages of granite

The advantages of natural stones countertops

The granite and marble countertops are worth considering if you are planning to renovate your kitchen and when you want to achieve an interesting effect. Those two natural stones are often found in European as well as American houses and there are numerous reasons why it is worth thinking about those stones.

The article will focus on the significant advantages of the popular natural stones that are granite and marble.


Granite is the most popular natural stone used by the countertops’ manufacturers. The important advantage of this material is hardness and high scratch resistance. The material cannot be damaged by high temperature, citric acid and other acids that are found in kitchen. Granite is available in different colours. You may be sure that the granite countertops will suit your kitchen cupboards. At present, there are available over 100 colours of the natural stone. The colours are associated with the colours of our planet. There are few shades of beige, brown, black, blue, green, grey and a lot more.

Granite is considered to be a safe material. It is extremely difficult to burn and it is not ‘afraid’ of the heat of the pan or pots. Everyone who hates cleaning kitchen cupboards and countertops will be pleased when it comes to granite surface. It is very easy to clean – you need only warm water and some standard detergent. You do not need to apply any sophisticated detergents to remove everyday dirt.


Marble is a softer version of granite. It is not so scratch resistance like granite and it can be stained more easily. It also requires to implement special care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. However, the effect that is made by the natural stone in unforgettable. Marble underlines the special character of your interior even when it is an ordinary kitchen. On the other hand, marble is also frequently used in kitchen as countertops because the natural stone evaluates. It means that marble gets older and it changes together with the kitchen. It can be especially noticed when your kitchen is made of wood. The marble will make your kitchen luxurious and a pleasant place to spend your free time.

No matter what natural stone you will choose to make your dream countertop, you can be sure that you make a great decision. Each of them is a high quality product that is very also durable. What is more, granite and marble are considered to be a luxurious products and extremely durable so your kitchen countertop will be timeless.